Youth Boost

Youth Boost

Includes a collagen booster and skin dermal roller to effectively and visibly rejuvenate your skin! 

What’s in Collagen Booster? 
NEURODEFENCE COMPLEX™ - Originates from Brown Algae and is an oligosaccharide that revolutionises skin health by directly targeting the aging of nerve endings to protect a healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts 
supporting collagen and elastin synthesis; ultimately reducing lines and wrinkles and reducing skin 
VEDERINE® – Derived from chicory; is a restructuring active ingredient rich in oligofructosans which promotes synthesis of Vitamin D and its specific receptor and enables 
skin to recover optimum epidermal barrier without sun exposure.
PRISTINIZER® - A botanical active known as the “fragrant star” shields the skin and its cells against damage from pollution via antioxidant, 
anti-inflammatory and detoxifying actions whilst increasing cell survival.
STAY-C-50™ – A powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Promotes collagen synthesis, increases skin firming, reduces the appearance of 
blemishes and acne and evens skin tone.
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