Skin Consult

Your New Skin Is Waiting For You

At Beaute Boudoir you will be able to enjoy a 20 min FREE* skin analysis where we will go through key information to help you obtain and maintain a healthier skin. 

After a skin cleanse using the appropriate Skin Cleanser, we will together: 

  • Discuss your main concerns, skin care routine and skin history.

  • Analyse your skin using the skin scanner and understand what damage is apparent within the skin. 

  • Develop a skin treatment plan tailored to your skin and matching your expectation and budget.

  • Personalise a home prescription in accordance with your lifestyle and budget.

  • Discuss lifestyle choices and the addition of Miss Vitality supplements for a better skin. 

Please bring photos of your current skincare ingredients with you.

*Free Skin Analysis if followed by products purchase or a facial.

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