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Timeless ~ Luxurious ~ On Trend

Reception area

Welcome to the reception area. A place where you will always be welcomed with a smile, where you will always be treated in a calm, and professional manner, where you will always be recommended the best treatments and products for your skin; and where you will always leave feeling relaxed, fulfilled and beautiful.

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Marquet Beaute Boudoir March 237901.jpg

the retreat

The Retreat is where you will end all your treatments with a refreshment and a relaxed being.

The beautiful linen curtain gives you full privacy while you enjoy the end of your relaxing journey.

The small but beautiful designer furniture and bespoke tear drop light fixture, were carefully selected to create that cosy cocoon feeling after your treatment.

Located behind the waiting area, the retreat will give you time for reflection, solitude and calmness, but also connection to the rest of the boudoir. This area was created for you. This space was created to make you feel special, and allow you to reflect on yourself and your treatment, and remember why you are here.

The treatment room

The treatment room is where skins are transformed, body tensions relieved, energy renewed, minds reset, laughs heard; but also where silence is allowed.

Marquet Beaute Boudoir March 237942-Edit.jpg

THE LED, Express Facial & BROW Lounge

Here is where all your Brows and Lashes will be transformed. This space also operates as a DERMALUX LED Therapy Lounge where you will be able to pause, relax, and meditate.

Open but intimate, this space offers you privacy as well as connection to the rest of the boudoir. 

You will leave this lounge with amazing facial features and an amazing glow. No make up required!  


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