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About the Treatments 

About the Massage & Sculpt Facial  

60 mins of facial massage

The treatment starts with a warm sonic thermo oily cleanse to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Followed by a cloudy gentle but efficient brush cleanse to help remove any remaining impurities. Next, you will experience the ultimate purification with a steamy skin scrubber exfoliation for the ultimate radiance and hydration. A Youth peel or Radiant peel will then be applied to boost your skin cells to their optimum. To lessen the hot flush of the peel your skin will be rescued by a cooling moment.
After your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, you will enjoy the massage of the future with 3 different technologies that will lift your face, firm your skin, and energise your eyes. To finish the treatment, you will enjoy Anne-Eline's magic hands and her signature face lifting and sculpting techniques, while your nourishing collagen booster mask is massaged into your skin. This treatment will leave your skin looking sculpted, rejuvenated, and lifted with a beautiful glow.


About the Ocosmedics Pro Dermal Treatment 

Course of Peels and Masks

Advanced corrective treatments designed to engage and support the natural healing and repair responses in your skin. Using O Cosmedics medical grade skincare formulations with potent actives target all causes of ageing and skin conditions.


Perfect treatment for
- a first time client
- skin correction
- perfect skin before an event 
- monthly maintenance 
The appropriate Peel and Mask will be chosen carefully after a skin analysis to target your specific skin concerns.

About the Oxygeneo Superfacial



This treatment is the most popular treatment at Beaute Boudoir due to its significant immediate results - Titled as the Red Carpet Facial, Ideal just before an event. - Amazing as a maintenance facial to maintain skin health and tightening - Achieve SIGNIFICANT Results with a course of 6 over 6 consecutive weeks - Buy 5 get your 6th Free Treatment options: - Balance: Treats Oily Skin and Acne  - Detox: Repairs & Protects Skin Barrier  - Hydrate: Enhances Moisture Retention  - Revive: Reduces Fine lines and Wrinkles  - Illuminate: Unifies Skin Tones  - Glam: Improves Elasticity and Firmness 


About Dermapen 4 Skin Needling

Collagen Induction Therapy

Dermapen 4™ delivers the ultimate in advanced microneedling and can create an astounding 1,920 puncture channels per second, up to 104% faster than other microneedling devices.

 Expect exceptional outcomes and limited discomfort or downtime.​

Dermapen microneedling procedures boost the body’s natural healing response to increase collagen and elastin production for reduced wrinkles and lines.

Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of all scar types including acne scarring.

Unlike some laser treatments, Dermapen microneedling removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, while promoting optimised cell function.”

Stretch Marks
Many practitioners and patients have claimed that Dermapen Treatments™ have been more effective in treating stretch marks than other methods.

Enlarged Pores
Microneedling with Dermapen stimulates the skin to produce new collagen, plumping up and tightening the appearance of the enlarged pores.

Dermapen Treatments visibly improve the appearance of problematic skin breakouts and black or whiteheads (comedones) and active acne.

About LED

LED Phototherapy for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime.

From the first treatment, Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerns for the face and body with lasting and visible improvement.



Our skin has the ability to absorb light energy and use it to stimulate or regulate essential cell processes. LED Phototherapy is the application of beneficial wavelengths from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum which have proven skin enhancing benefits. Skin cells that are energised function better and can renew up to 200% faster accelerating regeneration and repair.



Dermalux uses unique combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen production, increase hydration, calm redness and irritation and blitz blemish causing bacteria. As the light triggers a whole cascade of skin enhancing processes, the benefits continue even after the treatment has finished.



Dermalux is a relaxing, pain free experience with proven mood enhancing effects. Enjoy some luxury me-time as your skin absorbs the energising light to kick start cell regeneration, calm irritation or restore radiance. Each treatment last up to 30 minutes and with no downtime, you can simply get up and glow!

C 6 photo 2 .png

About Dermaplaning

Peach Fuzz be gone!

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive skin treatment to remove dead skin and vellus hair otherwise known as peach fuzz.

A blade is used to remove the top layer of your skin and thin, small hairs from your face, leaving your skin smooth and baby-soft.

Dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation, the result is not only brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin, but also better product penetration.


About Pro Dermal Active

OBiome Oxygen Therapy

Bring life and radiance to all skins by combining the power of cosmetic science and the nature
of skin physiology.
Pro Dermal Active, O-Biome Oxygenating Therapy works to correct and maintain core skin
health and key skin conditions with customised activators, An Oxygenating Peel, and an Oxygenating microbiome,
45-minute setting mask, which provides lymphatic compression and microcirculation for
optimum skin health.

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